Being Holy

Believers are yet to understand what being ‘Holy’ entails.

Most times, we believers make the mistake of adding much importance to the preacher behind the word and not the word itself (believing his/her righteousness is not up to standard in your eyes/thinking the person is ‘forming’ Holy). That’s why some believers become selective of ‘who/who not’ can preach or talk to them thereby missing out most times on the ‘life-changing idea’ that can be gotten from such preacher’s speech or word. #Another devil’s tactics revealed.

It’s like when a child is given birth to, then lies or steals without being taught. This same child can see a fellow child crying and give him his toy. Thus, he has emitted both bad and good characteristics abi?

But it’s just that the child’s bad side is more dominant due to the Adamic nature.

Same way when one becomes ‘born again’ and have The Holy Spirit in-dwelling – Good nature becomes dominant. That’s why it is called “Born Again” – starting as a child all over again (spiritually) 1 Peter 2:2

So instead of a 80:20 ratio of bad to good with the Adamic nature, it becomes 80:20 good to bad with the Holy Spirit nature which gets better as the relationship intensify. i.e., Feed the Spirit nature by eating and drinking The Word(John6:53); 80 increases. Feed the Adamic nature by indulging in sin; 20 increases – one reason why most believers can’t hear The Spirit.

What I am trying to bring out from my explanation is that most times we have an ‘extreme’ personal or general belief of what ‘being Holy’ should be. And when someone whom we believe should be Holy doesn’t fulfill one of those ‘extreme’ criteria, we just conclude that he/she is pretending (although, some in actual fact do).

Remember, it’s 80:20 ratio of good to bad and there’s still that 20% ‘bad’. “If man was God”, nobody will make Heaven because most times our judgements are one-way. We are not mostly patient enough to look at all sides before concluding.

Lets just please always remember what Jesus said in Matt 7:1-5 and also John 7:24. Holy Spirit help us.

Most believer err due to lack of proper understanding of The Word. They read the bible on the surface not in-depth (with the guidance of The Holy Spirit) and just want to act out all what God likes in it forgetting what happened in Matt. 19:16-21 and also forgetting that we are in the “Not Seen” dispensation – ‘Faith’ ‘Holy Spirit’ not ‘Law’. Galatians 2:16,21 2Corinthians 3:6, 1Timothy 1:9, Titus 3:9, Heb 7:28, James 2:10

God help us.




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