Being like Jesus

I used to think that Jesus only referred to the unbelievers when He said in John 16:33 “…In the world ye will face tribulations but be ye of good cheer for I have overcome the world” but found out that more of those tribulations come at one in the church (where one is supposed to get succor) from the so called Believers . OR is it that the ‘World’ has successfully been installed in the Church?. It all got me thinking…

I thank God for the Holy Spirit My teacher; My comforter; The reveal-er of hidden things to me and The Master Decoder of every form of code possible.

I woke up this morning with this eye-opener from the Holy Spirit and I’ll love to share:

When Jesus was still on earth He faced diverse forms of trials and temptations, most not listed in the Books I’m sure because for Him to have been sweating blood while praying, we ought to know it was serious business even way back then. He faced most of these trials and tribulations from those who ought to be of the same faith with Him, who were supposed to work with Him, I can call them the ‘Believers’ back then – The Pharisees.

They were against Him right from the start to the finish, Little wonder Jesus said His People perish for lack of knowledge because had the pharisees known then, they wouldn’t have dared the littlest amount of all what they did to Jesus.

At the end of it all Jesus still prayed for them on the cross – Luke 23:34.

Are you facing trials and tribulations in your place of worship as a worker? or even as a member? It is not an excuse for you to leave. Remember, you ought to be like Jesus, you ought to follow in His footsteps. Of course it’s not easy, who said it was? Just know that you have been fortified (Philippians 4:13) already to be like Jesus and it’s possible to achieve the same feat He achieved.

When you are getting shits from those you expect better from, don’t allow it make you quit God’s work. It wasn’t God who offended you so don’t allow a human being’s action derail you from the part to Glory.

The devil knows who can hurt you most and where you most tick. He does all his possible best to bring to fruition all this in order to weaken you. Don’t give him that foot-hold please. We all really need to be Watchful and seriously VIGILANT. God help us.

It is saddening that some people are still playing ‘Pharisee’ in the house of God today. Most people still haven’t gotten it that one of the reason Jesus came down to earth then is to personally correct the mode of worship and service to God. The Lord God is not judging one’s action, what He is judging is the MOTIVE behind that action.




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