In the beginning…

Thank You Holy Spirit.


Had this insight on Creation I would love to share;


GOD wanted to create man (Gen 1:26). Jesus supported this idea but the devil opposed it. GOD with Jesus and The Holy Spirit went ahead to create Man (Gen 1 & 2). Since then, the devil due to his nature of pride (Isaiah 14:12-15) believes his opinion not Jesus opinion should have been supported and so tries all his possible best to prove to GOD that his opinion was right by asking for permission to try man (the finished product) to see if he can withstand the ‘test of time’ through temptation(Gen 3:1-6), of which, Man didn’t pass (and is mostly still not)…..he almost succeeded (Gen 6:6-7) but JESUS, who believed in man’s creation and whose delight has always been with ‘the sons of men’ (Prov 8:31) intervened and told GOD “they are not all bad Father, please spare the ones that are good”….. and GOD did (Gen 6:8).


The devil doesn’t like defeat (Rev 12:13-17) so He constantly goes to GOD to give report on those who ought to be obeying GOD but are not; They are obeying him (Gen 3:4-6). His evil was beginning to spread to some of the angels (Rev 12:9) which brought about some worries up there but Thank JESUS (Rev 12:11), (they were able to throw him out. Unluckily for us, he was thrown here (Rev 12:12)

Just so you know, anytime one disobeys GOD, one obeys the devil (John 8:44) and that’s why GOD said “No sitting on the fence” (Rev 3:15-16), you either OBEY or DISOBEY. In Christendom, Disobedience, doubt, asking amiss(guess that’s why The Holy Spirit helps us now-Rom 8:26) equals tempting GOD (Numbers 14:22 1Corinth 10:9)


I believe GOD allows the devil go and test someone (Job 1:8 Job 2:3) that He (GOD) is proud of, someone He can boast of, to see if the person will pass the ‘test of time’ (James 1:13 1Corinth 10:13). Some will pass (Gen 39:8-9 Matt 4:1 Mark 1:13 Luke 4:2 Heb 4:15), some will fail (Acts 5:1-10 Deut 32:48-52 Gen 19:17,26)


Lets not make it all about just having degrees upon degrees and honors(Mark 8:36) because it doesn’t make any sense if we as believers have all the ‘First class’ and ‘Honorary’ in the world but in our understanding of that pertaining to GOD’s Kingdom we are barely able to make a ‘Credit’.

Yes, as believers, to us this world is a market place but we have failed to realize that we are the ‘marketers’ not ‘customers’. We actually are supposed to bring the customers into GOD’s Company to work with Him in partnership (Romans 8:17)


Yes! GOD is Merciful, but are you humbly under His Mercy (1Peter 5:6), or are you taking His Mercy for granted by willfully disobeying? (Romans 6:1).


#Food for Thought#





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