Looking unto Jesus

Matthew 6:33 – But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.


As unreal as it might sound to you, this really works. If only believers understand the logic behind the walking on the water by Peter in Matthew 14:28-30, they will know that the ‘physically’ impossible can only be possible to them if they can only stick to and focus their gaze on The WORD. That is, believe totally without an atom of doubt.


Peter was already walking on the water after the order from Jesus “come” but when he started hearing the whooshing sound of the wind, fear crept in and also doubt. And then what happened? He began to sink, Matthew 14:30.

The whooshing sound the devil is making you listen to now is the different form of negative sayings that fly around “there is no job anywhere”, “oko won lode (husband is scarce)”, “the economy is bad”, “there is no money in the Nation” (and some people are still embezzling billions o) etc.

What do you do when nothing is forthcoming? Most people think, some cut corners; involves in shady dealings, etc. Not knowing they are meant to get closer to their Bible the more during these periods. (Matthew 5:6,20)


When I finished service, after praying to God to fix me somewhere good to work, I went back to where I had my I.T experience and what I heard was ” We are looking to downsize not accept more staffs now”. I submitted enough C.Vs online and then one day this thought just came to mind; why don’t I just study my Bible and get more revelations on some sayings there of which I was finding difficult to comprehend. So I started studying and the Holy Spirit started opening my eyes to hidden things embedded in the WORD (Revelation 2:17), most times I even forget to eat my morning and afternoon food.


Some days later when I was busy ‘eating’ The Word, a call came in from the office I was told ” We are looking to downsize not accept more staffs now” to come and resume immediately. Thank God I picked that call that day because I was so engrossed in the Word, my initial thought was I didn’t want to be disturbed.


Up till now, I still get more and more revelations from the Word of God via the Holy Spirit (2 Corinthians 4:2, 1 Corinthian 2:7). You too can.





2 comments on “Looking unto Jesus

  1. No doubt about the aspect of seeking d kingdom 1st and every other thing being added to it bcoz it happen to me in person not that some1 told me.
    When I lost my job earlier this year,i search for work not that I didn’t c any but on resumption of the work its 4rm 1 problem to the other till I find it hard to continue bcoz of pro of lack of resources.
    so 1day I developed an habit of reading the bible. Each day I read a particular book from d bible with d help of the holy spirit the Comfortter that Jesus christ sent I’m opportuned to learn as I’m reading, a day occured that as I was reading I got very worried all my friends will go out to their various place of work and I’ll b at home , I asked God y,how ave I offended him and also begged him to forgive me all my sins and grant me something to do that will give me income.
    I kept praying but forgot the bible verse Luke 12:29-30 which says quit seeking what u might eat and what u might drink and quit being in anxious suspense , for all these r d things d nations of d world r eagerly pursuing ,but ur father knows u need these things. Nevertheless seek continually his kingdom 1st and all these things wiill b added to u. so d day I got to that bible verse I realise I have been asking God to give me what I already have in christ. Since then I began to pray,go to congregational meetings(church),and continue reading my bible with christ Jesus its not up to a week that I got a work nearer to my place of worship unlike my former place of work that prevent me from attending our usual services in church. I then realise that God had a plan 4 me its just 4 me to realise and claim it.
    I Thank God 4 His purpose In My Life has been Made Manifested By Reading of the Scriptures Regularly.


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