What is Love?

Love is Adam naming his wife – Eve and still sticking with her even after she caused him to loose his one and only divine connection with God, knowing fully well that he’s got part of the blame. (Gen 3:17-20; 23-24 Gen 4:1)

We as human ought to learn from this because Men nowadays have divorced, some even separated from their wives for lesser offense.

Love also is when Jesus prayed on the cross while still enduring severe pain for all those who were involved in nailing Him for no just reason. (Luke 23: 1-34)

When you say you Love someone, Do you really???

#Food For Thought#

P.S: All relationship (be it couples or friends) problems stem from poor communication; the inability of one of both parties to understand the information the other passed across leading to misinterpretation.
Lets learn to listen attentively to one another and not just jump to conclusions thinking we know it all.
God help us.Cool



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