In Gen 2:18, God said “I am going to make for him an help meet for him” (in other words, ‘an help up to standard for him’. I like the NLB translation of this verse where we (women) are termed ‘helper’.

Lets look at other scriptural verse where “meet” is used so as to get more understanding; Gen 2:20, Ezra 4:14, Esther 2:9, Prov 11:24, Jeremiah 27:5, Ezekiel 15:4-5, Matt 3:8 amongst others.

Little wonder we were made from bone (rib of Adam) and not dust (like Adam). The nature is there even till now;

Dust nature(Adam): Not stable, gets blown around by the smallest wind.

Bone nature(Eve) : Very Stable (unless disturbed by an external force), Strong.

Now you know why we (women) are supposed to be the one at home, taking care of the house and Family (and why we ought to be with just one man) – stable(in one place)Gen 3:16, Prov 31:10-31

Now lets think deeply about this; When looking or asking for help from someone, the person must have a higher amount of what you have, right? Be it spiritual, strength-wise, money, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, etc

The woman was created in this way – higher in all ramification (spiritually) than the Man and I believe that’s why Adam made that statement- Gen 3:12 because He knows that Eve, who is supposed to have a higher I.Q than him should know better. And that’s why God said (Gen 3:16b) she is going to be ruled by her husband(whose normal I.Q seems to function better) because she isn’t using her high(excess) I.Q rightly. You know, anything in excess always amount to bad, e.g excess water(flood), excess confidence(pride), excess love (Judges 16:4, 18), excess fire(hell), excess money(Matt 19:24), excess food(sickness).

No wonder the devil tempted Eve and not Adam, knowing fully well that if he can bring down the stronger of the two, he can get to both – which he succeeded in doing.

Most women who lack this knowledge go about believing the Man should actually be the helper and since He wasn’t created to be one, it’s not his nature, He flops. And this pisses the woman off because she knows what he doesn’t know about being a help – it’s her nature.

So, instead of the woman helping the man with her knowledge (her nature), she keeps it to herself(unknowingly) because of all what the “external force” – devil, has cunningly connived to be stored in her memory.

It’s just like the story of the Lion that grew up with the goats and usually run away with the goats when a fellow lion is coming and roaring at them.

“The Woman” has been disturbed by an “external force” so cunning, he’s blinding their eyes to who they really are because he knows that if the woman finds out who she really is, he is going to be in a deep shit.

The devil is still making use of “Eve”(Woman) even now to get to “Adam”(Man)

Maybe now you’ll have an idea as to why the divorce and separation rate in the world is increasing. Hmmm…. God help us.

Gen 3:15 – “and I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” How many serpents’ head have you bruised Woman, both physically and Spiritually? Can you now see why the devil doesn’t want you to know? He too wouldn’t want his head bruised now. But he is so busy bruising your own heels, both physically(snake bites) and spiritually. Matt 10:16(just so you know how wise serpents can be)

Don’t keep on listening to this cunning devil, whispering in your ears that you can’t get anything without the use of your body. He knows what he is doing o, he’s only making you break the hedge so that he can bite you(bruise your heels) very well – Ecclesiastes 10:8, 1 Corinthians 3:17

Start fulfilling your God-created purpose Woman. God help us.




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