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Monday, Sep 02, 2013

POLAND – She’s on a shocking “journey” in life – to have sex with at least 100,000 men for 20 minutes each.

And to accomplish that, Miss Ania Lisewska claimed she would travel to every major city in the world.

“I want men from Poland, Europe and all around the world. I love sex, fun and men,” the Austrian Times quoted the 21-year-old Pole as saying.

“In Poland, the subject of sex is still taboo, and anyone who wants to fulfil his or her sexual fantasies is considered a deviant, a prostitute or mentally ill.”

According to her Facebook page, she began her challenge in the Polish capital Warsaw last month and is planning to “sleep” her way across her home country before venturing to neighbouring nations.

She said: “I will visit every city in Poland and when I’ve done all of them, I will start travelling abroad.

“The fun will take about 20 minutes per person, depending on how many people there are each day.”

Miss Lisewska reportedly set up a website to attract sexual partners and to keep her “fans” up to date.

So far, according to Polish-language website, Miss Lisewska has had sex with 284 men.

Surprisingly, she has a boyfriend, who obviously told the website that he is “not thrilled” with her unusual hobby, but had no choice and “has to come to terms” with it, reported Huffington Post.

Nothing is wrong with her, she is simply evangelizing for the kingdom of darkness (Get 100,000 Men to fall into their Kingdom). That’s her target. Believers lets start in on our own targets (personally) for the kingdom of God. Make yours 200,000 – using the internet to connect to souls via the WORD. A Word is enough!


This is a member in the devil’s sanctuary working hard (even giving herself target) to get in more souls for the devil’s dispensation coming next (Rev 12:17, Rev 13:1-18) after the Holy Spirit dispensation we are in now.

You, Yes! You who is in the LORD’s sanctuary, have you ever given yourself targets? She said 100,000, you can make yours 200,000. Start Now!

Oh! Sorry, did you ask where you are supposed to get that amount? They are on the internet dear, 30 million souls (they would have been more than that by now) visit the porn site in a day.

You can use your Facebook (post it on your wall, sure most of your friends will see the message), twitter, whatsapp, google+, 2go, name it. You can even create a blog on your own just like this one and start broadcasting JESUS live.:)

What do you write? You are free to copy any of the messages here and paste on your wall. You can also write about a miraculous thing (testimony) God did in your life and share. Or write about the ones you’ve heard and make it look Wow! Then invite everyone, telling them a trial will convince them.

God bless and help you as you aggressively market for the Kingdom (Fish for Men).


Having Sex with 100,000 Men…


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