Being Judgemental (by Kenny K’ore)

This judgemental thing, I don’t get it ooooo!
Did scripture really say we should call white, black or black, white?

Or that we should ignore justice altogether?

Is it wrong to see something wrong and react to the fact that it is wrong?

If we cannot call right, right, and wrong, wrong, why do we even need the Bible, or need to go to church service?

Should people start feeling guilty for using their discretion over matters of right and wrong?

What kind of society are we going to have if we can’t have justice?

Since the church is actively involved in muddling up justice for us, what is the essence of the christian faith without justice?

No one is without sin, so?
Is exposing sin the same thing as casting stones?

Why should we believe in Heaven and Hell if we can’t call a spade a spade?

Is christianity today really based on scriptures or humanist philosophy, new age prejudice and sentiments?

When the Bible says that inequity shall abound and the love of many shall wax cold, did it say GOD, then, shall legalize iniquity and make coldness the new standard of love?

We are in the last days!!!



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