Story Story…..(Part 2)

There was a friend of the President (Jonathan) who went to visit him one day. On getting to the president’s house He was ushered in and offered a seat.

Mr. President came out to meet him and after all the niceties, this occurred;

Man: I heard you were giving out money and I have come to collect my share

President: How much do you need?

Man: 1,000 naira only.

President: 1,000 naira?

Man: Yes, I heard that was what people mostly asks you, even your friends, the last time you did something like this.

President dips his hands into His pocket and brought out 10 bundles of 1,000 naira notes (1 million)

President: Take this, you are a dear friend and I wouldn’t want you to have a need for money again. Those that asked me then didn’t really know the extent of my wealth.

Instead of the Man thanking the President and going on his way, He looked at the bundles in his hands and this was what He said:

Man: I only asked for 1,000 naira and you are giving me this ‘heavy’ sum, it really weighs and i’m not even strong enough now to carry anything weighty. But you said “how much do I need?” and I told you 1,000 naira, so please take all this, give me the 1,000 naira and let me go.

The President was dumbfounded and while He was trying to make the man, his friend see reason, Mr. Ezeh, one of the President’s ex-chief judge who came to visit and has been listening in on the conversation brought out a 1,000 naira note, asking the President for permission to give the Man, reminding the president that it would be unfair to impose on the man what he doesn’t want. The man took the money from Mr. Eze before the president could speak and dashed out.

What would you call this kind of man?.

Me, I am terming him ‘BIG FOOL’ 🙂



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