Story Story… (The way God sees it)

John 9:41
    Jesus said unto them, If ye were blind, ye should have no sin: but now ye say, We see; therefore your sin remaineth.
Just same way the man in the earlier story told the president “You said how much do I need? Same way most believers remind God of His words when He is trying to make their life better than it is, “God You said in your words, ask and it shall be given…, etc”. Busy quoting scriptures for the Holy Spirit who is the author of the scriptures.

The Holy Spirit is trying to put you through so as to see more clearly, know more deeply, draw closer more nearly, and you are there (with your ‘I too know’ attitude) busy quoting scriptures for Him. If you’re in this cadre, Jesus is ministering to you in John 9:41 – it would have been better to have accepted you were blind (don’t know anything) so that the Holy Spirit can look in on your case and move along with you than claiming “I am not blind” (and you are still erring) of which the Holy Spirit will just have to leave you to your sin(vomit). Prov 3:7,21 Prov 12:15 – “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise.”

That’s why some believers will still be asking “why do God always give us what we don’t like?
You don’t like it sir/ma because you have a limited view of what GOD is giving you. He (GOD) has a wider view of what He is giving you. You expect God in His Mightiness to subject to you? Oh! because He has decided to summarize Himself and live in you(temple). GOD doesn’t conform to Man, Man conforms to God so please stop behaving like a ‘spoilt kid’ and taking it for granted because He(Jesus) decided to carry you along(making you his friend/joint heirs).

His ways are far better, higher, beautiful and everlasting than yours would ever dream to be, so HE can’t conform to your ways. It is not possible!. Isaiah 55:8-9

Most believers make this mistake while choosing a life partner. We pray and don’t listen to replies from GOD. The devil, knowing that we are ‘blind’ and ‘deaf’ brings his option(which is mostly what you’re imagining before) and most believers fall for it. After a while when it seems like it’s not working out with the person or thing, we begin to ask God silly questions and make silly statemants like “Why me Oh Lord?, you gave me this person (says who?)”, The Lord gives and takes (He didn’t give you in the first instance dear, that cunning idiot – devil did), God will not come down and choose a partner for you (But He comes down when you worship and praise Him abi? – or don’t you feel Him then even if you can’t see Him?, He also comes down to divinely lead or speak to some believers who can actually see and hear)

Let’s stop limiting GOD with our words please, He is more than what you are taking Him for.

Thank You Holy Spirit for this eye-opener. I believe most of us is now beginning to see and hear, our vision is being cleared gradually. Thank God for this and ask for the Wisdom to see deep into His Word.

Please any of this writings not clear to you, pray it to the Holy Spirit, asking Him to make it clearer. These Biblical explanations are not from me, they are all from Him.



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