There are 15 doctors, 28 matrons and 50 nurses working in the AB (subsidiary) hospital I head. There has been lots of issues going on in the hospital. We take head-counts of pregnant women due for delivery daily because I have to send a report before birthing the babies to the Headquarters.

At times, we have 100 pregnant women giving birth in a day but after safe delivery instead of 100 babies or more than, we have 20, at times 30 babies. Although, there are times some of the doctors due to their “I know it all” attitude; not reading the manuals given to them well,to understand, harms (even kills at times) the babies during delivery. The Matrons and nurses also, when handling the babies causes a lot of havoc because they didn’t read the manual well to understand it. They believe they’ve gone to school and are certified already to handle anything.

And then there is the issue of YZ hospital who comes to steal from us due to the fact that most of the staffs (even the security men) do not make use of their nose mask, they just hang it around their necks.

I have spoken to this staffs, even called experts to come talk to them but they are just not listening and now, the loss of babies are increasing. We just lost 150 babies out of 200.

Please what do I do?


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