There are two very distinguished hospitals.
AB hospital and YZ hospital. Both are very large and has numerous subsidiaries. They both deal more with deliveries of babies.

The Head of AB, knowing how competitive YZ could be and also the shady dealings its involved in, writes out a HSE rule to be sent to all the staffs working in AB, telling them to always make use of a nose mask when in the hospital. And that the manual containing the required responsibilities of each personnel be given out to all staffs.

AB hospital births and keeps record of babies for accountability and reward(for the staffs) purpose. The staffs consist of Doctors, Matrons and Nurses.

YZ does the same but mostly sells its babies to customers for use, so it needs more than enough. The staffs here goes or send people most times to AB hospital and its subsidiaries to steal babies.

How they achieve this feat is by blowing a substance into the face of anyone they come across when entering AB hospitals which causes the recipient to fall into a deep sleep… (to be continued)


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