Please lets learn from the story of the woman of Samaria by the well in the Bible. Evangelism is that simple. Just share your testimony with the next person, don’t keep it limited to just saying it in church on Sundays. John 4:1-30

The woman only just shared her testimony with the other men, she didn’t go wrapped in bundles of clothes (to claim she’s now changed-born again), she went as she was and just related all what transpired between she and Jesus(I’m sure, in a lively way) and the people she told went to see for themselves.

And then what happened? John 4:40-42. They believed in Jesus because of His sayings, not because of the woman’s story.
I’m sure if she had gone to meet the men, sober and looking all wrapped up (which in itself might be passing on a condemnation message), they wouldn’t have wanted to see the person that turned a lively woman into a sober one.

This is just what happens when you evangelize. You send the souls to Jesus and He wins them in. *smiles*

How many souls have you sent to Jesus using your talent(testimony)? Matt 25:15-28. Remember, The woman of Samaria had one talent which she traded wisely.

God help us.

P.S: Please, for the benefit of the Kingdom, when going on evangelism appear good-looking and employ testimony as a tool for effective evangelism.



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