Right or Wrong?

My CEO amidst other CEOs in a get-together party called me to go and get him a glass of water. There and then, I immediately went to meet my immediate boss seated close by to ask which type of water I should get, which glass I should use, how full it should be. My boss then went to meet the CEO to confirm and the CEO was baffled.

He said to me “why didn’t you ask me all those questions when I told you to go get the water?” and since then, anytime he wants to send me, He goes through my boss but for others, he sends them directly. Was what I did wrong?

P.S: That’s actually not the first or second time I did that, It’s something I do often because I believe he is one very strict man (which I later got to find out he isn’t). Guess it got to him that day because he is actually caring to a fault (of which i know).



This is just same way it happens with GOD and He can’t interact directly with most believers, because anytime He speaks to them, they run to meet the Pastor for confirmation. They have still not learnt the art of “Independence with GOD”. It looks demeaning kinda, doesn’t it? A WHOLE GOD speaking to you, and you going to meet MAN(no matter the anointing, GOD placed it there, if He removes it, we’re just mere men) for confirmation. Hmmm….God bless us with wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Some believers hear from God and run to their spiritual father for confirmation. Who is supposed to be your ‘spiritual father’? Man or the Holy Spirit? (Ephesians 3:16, 1 Corinth 3:21 – Therefore let no man glory in men. For all things are yours;)

Even Samuel was taught independence then when he was told to go back and listen to God speak after running thrice to meet his “spiritual father”(Eli) after he heard a voice call him.(1 Samuel 3:1-18)

Just like Eli did here, the Pastors, Prophets, etc should help their wards/fellow brethren to learn independence with God by sending them back to meet Him and listen carefully. They should be able to make their mistakes and learn from it to get stronger.

The only thing you need do is give advice (just like Eli did to Samuel) because you were once in their shoes.

When a baby starts learning how to walk, he falls and gets up to try another step, then falls again and rights himself until he is able.

The only thing the mother/father does is hold him by the hands at times as a support to enable the child take more steps.

She/He doesn’t cuddle/carry the baby when he takes his first steps and fall, thinking “I don’t want you to fall down so I’ll carry you all the days of your life because I know how painful falling down could be, I’ve been there before”. Which is what most “spiritual fathers” do to their “spiritual sons & daughters”.

If Eli had done this to Samuel, he wouldn’t have gotten that message from God concerning his own family.(nobody is perfect)

Take Heed!

It’s funny that most of us have sang this Don Moen song “I’ve made You too small in my eyes, Oh Lord please forgive me….” and are still making Him small in our eyes. He talks to us but we don’t hear due to all the ‘strict’ definitions of Him we have in our head, due to how cunningly the devil is defining HIM to us as a ‘strict’, ‘don’t touch’, ‘not sensitive’ Being.

He speaks to most ‘Believers'(not ‘Unbelievers’) but we are still behaving like the Isrealites during the days of Moses (Exodus 19:9, 20:19-20) and it hurts HIM because He believes that after the coming of Jesus here on Earth, we all should know better now.

GOD help us to draw closer and really listen.

P.S: When you tell a child not to go near the fire; the first time, second time, third time and the child keeps moving towards the fire, you are forced to shout at the child to stop which gets to the child faster because he’s hearing you speak in a new way which you’ve never done with him/her before. Does your shouting (harshness) mean you don’t love the child?

Luke 11:13

If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?


call GOD


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