Share the word… (courtesy Ayomide Akinkugbe)

When I want to use my washing machine, I turn its dial to the setting I deem most appropriate for the clothing I have placed in the machine. Once I have selected the cycle and pressed the start button, the machine kicks into action.

My first turn of the dial causes many other processes to take place to achieve the desired end result. Once the machine turns on, the door locks me out so that I cannot interfere with the instructions that have been given. The machine goes from soaking to spinning and back again because of my decision.

Our initial action has the same effect. Once we commit to our part in God’s turnaround mission, we lock in the coordinates for all the other parts that are needed to make this cycle successful.

Josiah’s first turn as king set the destination for his nation to turn back to God. On that cycle God had programmed the right people to find Josiah at the right places. Jeremiah’s arrival brought momentum to the turn that Josiah had begun as his words affirmed what the cycle of turning would achieve.

We cannot expect every resource, relationship, and circumstance to line up before we commit. We must be willing to turn the dial in the direction God has asked us to go and trust Him for the help to come.

For every Josiah, God has a Jeremiah; He wants to match up His words with those doing His work. Every time we feel the prompting to step out, we must be willing to respond, as so often our responses are part of a much bigger plan.

Maybe your words are the affirmation in the cycle of another. Maybe your contribution will enable the turning to move from soak to spin.

We must all be willing to play our part and let God prompt our contribution.

Maybe somebody is waiting for the word you have been given, and until you bring it they cannot complete the turn they set out to make.

[From ‘Turnaround God’ by Charlotte Gambill]

And maybe, just maybe, someone on my Facebook page needed this to start off their day.

Today my friend, who is waiting for your words to affirm their actions?

Today, if you believe in someone, please tell them. They could go ahead and change the world and you will be so glad you did.

Have a great day friends


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