FOR DA GIRLS (by Ayomide Akinkugbe)

Queen esther

Beauty wud get a girl where she wanna be at
but i tell u only her brains can keep her there
just like Hadassah
Xerxes1(485-464 BC) was tripped by her looks and curves u know
she won Miss babylon
but wat wud hav happened if she took after the steps of ex Queen Vahsti
if she was foolish and brainless
how wud she hav escaped the fangs of monsterous vamps like Haman
or win the heart of Xerxes1 to save her nation
Her nation where the seed of salvation sprung forth from
how wud she have done all these if she just had beauty without brains
Her God given wisdom saved her and her land
i beseech you to put on hadassah’s stilettos
learn her strides
and walk her path
and surely
u shall be crowned QUEEN.



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