Kill the man? OR the snake?

Please as believers, lets stop using this words(or adage) “If you see a snake and you see a Man, kill the Man and leave the snake”. It’s a demonic backed-up message which the devil wants you to believe and which is against God’s word in Gen 3:15. (You shouldn’t be cursing your spouse, you should be cursing the devil cunningly using the spouse)

Because when you curse the man, you’re simply allowing the devil use your home as a funfield.(He craves the enmity btw you and your spouse knowing the great harm your unity can cause to his kingdom and enjoys it when you both give in to him).

You both ought to become “One” i.e, You have to be in sync. Just as “The Trinity” are synced – Three in One.(if you both can ‘really’ understand the logic behind this, you’ll not have issues in your home).

I’m talking to you the Woman because you are supposed to know better.
Genesis 2:18 “And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.”
“…make him an help meet for him.” i.e. Make him an help ‘up to standard; right’ for him. A ‘helper’ is higher in all ramification than the ‘helped’.

Word of advice: For every hurt you get from your spouse, win a soul for God and see if it will continue.
Don’t doubt this, there’s no harm in giving it a trial.
God help us.




One comment on “Kill the man? OR the snake?

  1. The woman, though higher in all ramification, is not superior, the Lord has given Man that post(of superiority). It’s just like the relationship between the President and his Adviser. Though, the Adviser has more knowledge about most matters which he has to share with the President, the President is still superior and can decide to either take the advice or discard it.


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