Dear Brethren,
When God said we should bring our tithes and offerings into His storehouse, He didn’t say it’s because He is hungry, or bringing it would  increase the blessings He has in stock. Bringing it, is for our own good.

I’ve had series of testimony to this effect. When it remains a last penny on me, the Spirit will tell me to pay it all as offering. At first, I was like, “my last kobo? What will i then use to eat” And He’s like “who gave you the money in the first instance, think of the larger ones you’ve spent compared to this little”. After pondering on it, I gave in.
Two days later, I received x100 of that little money I gave (actually calculated it).

This dialogue often occur when I’m thinking of how to maximize my last penny till it got to a time that I don’t question Him again, I just give it knowing multiples of it is coming back soon.
When we give tithes and offerings, WE gain.

But when we give our testimonies(talents), GOD gains, because your testimony breeds testimonies. You ask, how?
It’s like this; when you share your testimony(s) with a soul/souls (just like the woman of Samaria) and he/they believes, it is passed on till there’s increase in the number of souls. GOD gains because now more of His creation (who has been lost to sin) are coming back Home.
And I believe this was Jesus thought when He said “It’s good to give than to receive”

We are mostly self-centered when praying to God. Even when worshiping and praising Him at times, we will still be saying “God I am praising You now o, open the flood gates of heaven and shower blessings down on ME”

Jesus said we should ask, seek, knock and gave us hint on what to ask, seek, knock, for.
Ask for the Holy Spirit(Luke 11:23)
Seek first His Kingdom.(Luke 12:29-31, Luke 17:33, 1Kings 3:5-14)
Only the Believers opens to His knock,(Luke 13:24-30, Rev 3:20)

When have we ever prayed and it’s solely focused on GOD. When have we ever fasted and prayed solely for the works of the Kingdom(without attaching our own needs to it). Jesus taught us all this – Matt 6:9-10.

“Thy WILL be done in Earth as it is in Heaven” The first thing He prayed for was the Kingdom, that GOD’s WILL of ‘fellowship’ with His creations(Rev 4:10-11, 19:4, 11:6), of having His creations come to Him(Matt 11:28), be fulfilled.
Support this prayer with your works of winning souls into His Kingdom.
God helps those who helps themselves.


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