“Judas”? OR “Peter”?

Jesus told Judas and Peter of their “acts” against him everly before they committed it. Peter was repentant after he denied Jesus thrice. (Matt 26:75)

Judas, on the other hand, wasn’t; going back to meet with the chief priests for his payment after betraying Jesus.
Judas(like most believers now) could have thought in his heart that he can betray Jesus and get away with it, saying in his mind “at least I’m one of the disciples who worked with the ‘Messiah’ and God is indeed ‘gracious’ and merciful, He will understand.”

GOD cannot be deceived/mocked, He knows our innermost thoughts. He knows the in-depth feelings of our hearts despite what we might try to act out to people.

Are you a “Judas”? OR a “Peter”?
#food for thought#

P.S: Remember the disastrous end of Judas.


2 comments on ““Judas”? OR “Peter”?

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