Stop using the Word against the Word!

It’s so demeaning…and so…sad when “Christians” use the WORD against the WORD instead of using the WORD against the World.
The devil, so…cunning and deceitful, is turning the “soldiers” of Christ against themselves on the battle field while he watches and mocks….and they are allowing him. #smh#

When being corrected on unseemly acts of service towards God and you’re quoting, ‘His grace is sufficient….’, you’re simply fighting the Word with the Word.

When God issues out a new command and you remind Him of His old ones; quoting scriptures, refusing to heed to His new commands, you’re simply fighting the Word with the Word. Let’s learn from Moses because this same attitude cost Moses the promised land flowing with Milk & Honey… And nearly cost him Heaven… (Numbers 2:8-12, Jude 1:9)
…Just same way it’s going to cost some believers now the promised land (Rev 7:1-17), and during their time on earth after rapture (Rev 13:7-8), it might cost them Heaven if they still do not hearken to the Word then. Rev 20:1-15.

A fellow brethren corrects you, using 1 Corinthians 8:9 as a backup and you’re quoting Romans 2:1 as a comeback (feeling too big to be corrected), You’re simply fighting the Word with the Word.

Note:”Unbelievers” use the Word against the Word. Numbers 2:12

Words of Wisdom;
“Being in church doesn’t make you a Christian; Being in Christ does”. I can derive from this saying that there are “Christians” and there are “Churchians”. Which category do you fall in?
It’s simple logic you know, Just as one who is born in Nigeria is called a Nigerian; So is one who is born in Christ called a Christian.
 (See why you have to be born again?)

 #food for thought#

The Word


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