Sins of the perfected Saints. (by John Igbinovia)

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Sometimes, there’s the confusion about dealing with sin. I’d like to voice certain views based on MY EXPERIENCE and my CURRENT understanding of scriptures…

The saint is in the flesh – and by flesh, I refer to the fallen nature because the body is NOT evil.
However, though the body is not evil, it is often the medium for the expression of certain desires, which actually originate in the mind.
“It is not what goes into a man that defiles…”

Now, while we are truly saved by the sacrifice of Jesus, the believer will still sin. This is simply because he is trapped in the unregenerate flesh. Many times, he flounders as he struggles to overcome sin – and this very struggle,while from the grandest motivation to please God, can also re-enthrone the flesh through pride a subjugation of grace.

The question then is, how does a believer who is bound to sin find true release?
The answer, of course, is God.

But I will ATTEMPT to break down how that reformation of an ASPECT of one’s sinful nature tends to unfold.

I will use the sexual since it is easy to relate to – and is a powerful and popular point of weakness for many. Though there are the more subtle horrors like envy and bitterness, the latter being one of the most destructive of sins to body, mind and spirit…

The complication of sin often comes from the same mechanism that helps us live on earth: Brain function. Just like fear is God-given to keep us alive and run when we see serpents, there is also the aberration of that same mechanism that makes us fear man or fear for the future because of a lack of faith.

In the same vein, we learn by seeing – and by repetition. Every time an action occurs, synaptic action fires in the brain. The more the action is performed,the more “skilled”, the individual gets at it. Over a period of time,when the bonds are strong enough, the individual can perform the action with”no effort”. Like playing a G chord…..

Even after many years without practice, most guitar players can strum a G chord effortlessly. Hence, due to a great amount of investment in strengthening the synaptic framework in a certain way, the player can play effortlessly.

Same applies to the “player”

At first, the player finds it hard to talk to a girl. He sweats when a lady he’s attracted to talks to him. His fingers tremble when he holds her hands and his heart pounds when they embrace.
At first…

As he persists, often due to chemicals designed to ensure reproduction, as well as the pressure of society, he learns to manage these fears. He cracks jokes easily, he learns to make a woman laugh first, which opens the door for other things to follow. He makes “innocent” suggestions to gauge her reaction and learns the effective fall back plan when she seems astonished or offended at his innuendos. He learns how to bring her home a few times and just watch movies, translate gist to play fights, to peck and sex…..

All the time, the mind is learning and reinforcing complex skill.

Soon, it comes easy. Most people these days flirt almost unconsciously. Movies teach us, society reinforce these actions which abound in the workplace, at school – and even in the choir. The naïve pastor often does not see it happening.

Complex skill has been learnt and skill tends to lead to an outcome – a performance. 
The guitarist learns to deliver a skilful solo. The player learns to lay ladies easily.
And like it.

The problem is that, over time, a habit is formed and habits ensure dependency on certain acts

So when a person comes into God, what happens?

The spirit is truly saved.
The soul longs for God – but they are both in a flesh with “archived files”.
So, like Saint Paul’s quagmire, the spirit and soul long for God in a body that works out what it has been used to.The dilemma for the believer is that not sinning goes beyond saying, “I won’t sin”.

In the same way you learnt to type, sew, walk, jog, cook,write a program, you can also learn to fight, lie, deceive and commit sexual immorality. Salvation does not rob you of already learnt skill, whether the skill is good or bad.

And here is where the crazy grace of God comes to the fore.
Scripture says: “if we confess our sins, he is able and just to forgive us”

But the powerful portion that is (often) tear-evoking for the saint who struggles with sin is the next part…

“And to cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness”
If you DARE to believe this, what it means is, Jesus has forgiven you, but he WILL break those synaptic bonds and sin patterns……if you allow him.

And this is right where there is often a world of confusion.

We are supposed to “work out”our salvation with fear and trembling – and yet, it is God who works in us to will and to do. Aren’t we supposed to WORK….do something.

Yes, we are.
And No, we are not

When a person accepts Christ’s sacrifice, he becomes perfect– and that involves God embedding a desire to please God. Hence, a true saint can NEVER be happy about sinning or advocating sin – even when he is sinning. Now, as the saint walks with God in an organic and authentic relationship, which is a natural behaviour because of what God has ALREADY done on the inside, gaining awareness and being sensitive, God will shine his light and heighten awareness about areas sin in your life. This, naturally, will frustrate you. You will sin over and over and over again. Yes, you will. Mastery of the skills to beat specific sins will ONLY come after repeated failures. Often, those who are strongest will flounder, will fight, will plan, will join alcoholic anonymous or whatever…….

And you will fail…

Or, of course, become a hypocrite as you try to “blend in” and look good externally.

However, every now and then, as your UNDERSTANDING of his role in your life deepens, He who is at work in you will fly by your broken raft that’s tossed to and fro on the sea of sinful passion and he will give an extended hand of grace.


Simply put, you will sporadically get ‘’breaks’’ or a season where your pet sin doesn’t really seem so attractive. This is God at work,providing a “way of escape” from sin patterns and habits formed over years. It provides an opportunity to begin to learn to live in a different way or pattern from what you have been used to. It can be total loss of a desire to masturbate, some degree of irritation when a person speaks in a coarse manner that used to be fun, a ‘’burst’’ of love for people who have wronged you and who you were used to feeling bitter about, etc. That grace will come by every now and then and at some point, you will know it for what it is – power to gain control over ONE (or more) area(s) of sin in your life. And when you submit to God, you will find there’s less desire for that sin. This process can take years – and when you gain mastery over that area, the Light will shine again into another area that needs to be purged.

“And every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it  may bring forth much fruit”

So who rescues from sin? God
Do we have a role? Yes
Do we undo sin on our own? No. We will never be able to.

But when he comes by on his rescue chopper, simply lift your hands and fly – for it is GOD who works in you (and I) to will and to do after HIS good pleasure…

The power of the cross is so powerful, so much so that it invades our lives in a real way. It’s not some sweet story, but a reality.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good…”

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