GOD created Adam and Eve and provided all what they needed even before they came into existence. They didn’t have to choose because GOD knew what was best for them…….AND THEN WHAT HAPPENED?……..Satan came and told them to eat the fruit ~ that will cause GOD to stop choosing the best for them and allow them start choosing (the worst) by themselves….. AND they fell for the tricks. NOW we all have CHOICES. YOU EITHER CHOOSE TO REMAIN WITH GOD (and ensure to obey HIM; reaping eternal life) OR GO WITH THE DEVIL…
…AND GOING WITH THE DEVIL IS DEATH!!!, Eternal Damnation! because Satan is THE FATHER OF LIES!!! and he is also the “prince of this world” remember? So any “knowledge or wisdom” gotten from “this world” will definitely be FOOLISHNESS in GOD’s eyes….guessing because the “genesis” of those “knowledge/wisdom” is LIE!



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