Divine Experience….

Alex Abrahamian’s experience… (alex.abrahamian.94@facebook.com)

I posted this before but was led to do it again.. much love.

I went to the desert last year for 3 days/nights fasting, asking “Lord Jesus, Heavenly Father, is it wrong to come here and wait until Jesus comes to me? If this is evil or wrong show me please.”

72 hours later, nothing. So I gave up and went to get food, but God gave me strength so i went to continue the fast in an empty house, no pleasure, just my mat and hoping for Jesus to come & reading the word.

The 5th night Jesus came to me in a dream walking with me, teaching me about his love. I had 4 more dreams in a row with Him talking to me.. the 4th overall dream came after I asked “Lord why do you show yourself to some but not all, should I preach that John 14:21 is literal that you show yourself to a person literally? What should I tell them?

In my dream he and I walked as he said “tell them that it’s every believer’s responsibility to seek to see my face and hear my voice and not giving up that desire until I come to them.”

So I awoke and thought about what he said and I asked “Lord, lets say i tell two people to seek you and they ask you to come, now lets say you show yourself to one of them but not the other, how do you choose who to come to? What makes you say to yourself you will come to one and not the other?” I fell into a deep sleep right away and he came again.

This time we walked and he said “Once the desire a person has for me to show myself to them exceeds the desire the man had to possess the most beautiful woman i ever created, then i will show myself to that person.”

I awoke with a broken heart. His. When he told me what he told me in the dream, he was sad and his feelings were extremely hurt that people did not seek Him to come to them, to the point of tears. It still makes me cry now as I write this.

I knew then that the 1st commandment was being broken by ALL people continuously, without ceasing, that they do not seek Him hard enough. The desire for His appearance must exceed the mans desire to possess the most beautiful woman God ever created and only by reaching that level of love for him do we meet the requirement the Father set out to fulfill that commandment.

I love you brother and want you to know that Jesus our Lord and Messiah is God over all to His Fathers pleasure and glory. And we must seek Christ to come to us in the physical. To take us, while we live in SPIRIT, to the heavenly realms and seat us by His side in Spiritual authority and love.

Numbers 12:6 — he said, “Listen to my words: “When there is a prophet among you, I, the LORD, reveal myself to them in visions, I speak to them in dreams.”

John 14:21 “and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.”

May the Almighty El Shaddai bless you richly in Yahshua’s name, Amen

I am not special, I fasted until my bones were sticking out, I was led to stop all worldly ambitions, ALL! The Spirit led me to tears, I could not sleep, I could not eat so I stuck my head on the sand at nights in lonely places begging Jesus to give me His Spirit and His mind.

Never forgetting that I was evil………. and until Jesus came into me personally with power and showed me himself and heaven, I had no right to think anything else.


My experience…

Jesus came to me in the dreams. He said His people were not being told THE TRUTH and many are going to the other side due to this. He was crying, big drops falling down His face. And then He looked at me and said, “They have to know THE TRUTH, You have to tell them…………..” He was so sad, I could feel ‘the hurt’ from His heart (it was like we shared a heart).
I woke up and had spasms…..and then began to receive revelational words. Most times, I shed enough tears while writing down the words because I can feel the pains and hurts from HIM.

While I was looking for ways to pass on the message to fellow brethren where I fellowship and none was forthcoming, He moved me to open this blog and use the “social networks” – which the devil is making most use of in stealing souls to his kingdom.

I’m just a vessel being used. He is speaking to us all, giving the final warnings. Are we listening?


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