The WILL of GOD… by Kenny K’ore

I read this on his wall and just had to share with you all. Have a great and edifying read just like I did. šŸ™‚ Shalom!



I believe that rarely does GOD place a call on our lives that doesn’t conflict with our ambitions and fleshly desires. Jesus modeled our relationship with GOD when He said, not as my will but let YOUR WILL be done.

That legacy of selfless submission to divine will is our ultimate attainment.

As long as we aren’t living, chasing after the will of GOD to fulfil it, we are still alive in the flesh.

As long as we are alive in the flesh, we are dying in the spirit, fruitless, and empty, no matter what other impression we may portray.

Check all the Bible heroes, they became great by pursuing divine direction. Those of them who failed, failed at the point of pursuing their own ambitions.

Sadly we aren’t just encouraged to pursue our ambitions in this modern church age, we are also encouraged to enlist GOD in fulfilling such ambitions.

Rather than submitting our lives to HIM, we attempt to use the sacred and divine to live mundane lives.

You won’t find a sane man using the best cloth in his wardrobe to mop a dirty floor, yet we would use the spirit to serve the will of the flesh.


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