Flesh versus Spirit.

If we can understand the difference between a “drunkard” and an “abstainer” then we should be able to understand the difference between a “sinner” and a “believer”.

Most “Christians” always use these sayings, “I am no more a sinner, I have been saved; Once saved, forever saved” as an excuse while committing atrocities.

Some, due to these sayings have gone out of “THE WAY” they were fearfully treading before without even knowing it.

Just same way a drunkard lacks self control when the urge to drink arises; so does a sinner lack self control when the urge to sin arise. And just same way the abstainer can decide not to indulge when served with drinks; so is same way a believer can decide not to, when the urge to sin arises.

Although, the believer would still find him/herself committing sin at some point in time due to the war between the flesh & the Spirit over “dominance” (Galatians 5:17). The flesh dominates before but now (being reborn) the Spirit wants to take over and the flesh (being controlled by Satan) is not just going to give way that easily…

…And the way the believer would be able to help here is by not obeying or fulfilling any “fleshly” desires; getting closer to GOD, so that the Spirit can have the upper hand in this “Spirit – flesh” battle. (Matthew 26:41, Galatians 5:16, Galatians 6:8, 2 Corinthians 7:1)

Note: Believing, that is; being a believer, is not just a name tag. It goes way beyond that. The actions, coming all the way from the inside, is what will serve as the determinant; whether one is really a believer or not.

Just same way the disciples’ actions then earned them the Name → “Christians”.


I have noticed that in the life of a believer, the propensity to “sin” heightens when a “faith-filled” request is being made from GOD. This is one of the devil’s tactics being used to cause the believer to “break the hedge” so he (the devil) can have an excuse to withstand the angel(s) bringing the “good tidings” from GOD. Be watchful, be vigilant.


It’s just simple logic; The way you can’t claim to be an “extrovert” and emanate the characteristics of an “introvert” is same way you can’t be a “non believer” and then claim to be a “believer”.





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