Through whose “eyes”?

Humans see the LORD GOD (and circumstances) from two different perspectives; JESUS or SATAN

Through JESUS (The Way, Truth & Life) eyes, we see JEHOVAH for who He truly is….and through SATAN (the deceiver, killer & destroyer) eyes, we see JEHOVAH ‘negatively’…for who He is not.

Everything GOD created is “good”…even Satan was created “good” until he chose to become “evil”… and GOD (who is LOVE personified) couldn’t just destroy him (for “reasons” which you and I will have to make it to heaven to ask GOD for if we want to become privy to it)

A mother cannot erase the fact that she gave birth to her son who later became a hardened criminal or worst still… a serial killer…
…How much more GOD the ONLY perfect ONE denying He created evil → Satan. Isaiah 45:7

Just know that when you see JEHOVAH as “heartless, bad, non-existing, uncaring, unloving, name it”….. the devil is in control of your perspective at that moment…
…And when you see JEHOVAH as loving, caring, faithful, awesome, kind (even in adverse situations), Jesus→the Way, Truth & Life is in charge of your (inner visuals) perspective at that moment.


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