Choose to Standout.

We mostly complain about the situation of the country we find ourselves in this world; how “living” can be that hard, how the future often look so bleak…

…And we have been told at a time or more that we should quit complaining and do more of praying (which is good). But will that erase the fact that we’re living in a perverse and extremely wicked world amidst extremely wicked beings?

All these seriously got me pondering…and arriving at this conclusion; It would be the most senseless and unthinkable thing to happen to any human… NOT making it to Heaven after living in this kind of “mini hell” called world.

Would you really want to move from ‘grass’ (this ‘mini hell’) to ‘very thick forest’ (hell fire) OR from grass to grace (Heaven)? #foodforthought#


The price has already been paid with HIS blood,all you need do is choose to stand with JESUS and choose to do good instead evil anywhere you find yourself. Consciously and seriously endeavor to be Christ-like; choose not to lie, cheat, fornicate, commit adultery, be a stumbling block, backbite, keep malice, etc. Choose to stand out amidst evil-filled people and GOD will surely help you.




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