What will GOD say?

DO NOT read the Bible as if it is a story book. READ IT like the Holy Book it is, written just for you; to guide and see through your stay on earth. John 10:16 – JESUS is still talking to the “other” sheep of the fold (which is You and I) via the WORD. Are you listening?

Woke up this morning and was pondering on the fact that most “Believers” find it difficult to sing aloud and dance just like David (with no care) in Churches nowadays and I got this verse revealed to me almost immediately – John 12:43.

The ‘Truth’ WILL set you free! Why are Believers still CAGING themselves with “What (will) people say”??? In Matt 11:16-19, Jesus explained the ways of people, that they CANNOT BE SATISFIED; they are bound to talk whatsoever they want to. In John 5:41 JESUS says He receives NO HONOR from men (“I do not accept glory from human beings…NIV) and we ought to be CHRIST-like right? NOT PEOPLE-like. Our downfalls as Believers come from the fact that we follow after PEOPLE and “Culture” and NOT after CHRIST who is our Lord.

STOP being overly conscious of what people will say and START being more conscious of what GOD will say. Shalom!

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