2 Timothy 1:7   “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

It is when “believers” are being told of the disastrous happenings that will occur to them should they continue to sin that they remember to quote the scripture above….in fact, some “unbelievers” too now know to use it.

“Ebola” is out and its fear is beginning to make some go to the extreme in order to avoid it thus meeting the death they were initially running from. Believers are forgetting to quote the above scripture, utilising their faith.

The devil quoted Psalms 91:11-12 when tempting Jesus in Matthew 4:6, using the Word against the Word.
You now know that when you use the Word against the Word (quote out of context to satisfy a selfish aim), you’re emitting the devil’s characteristics thus bringing John 8:44 to light.

Jesus said it in Matthew 15:8 and it is taking “ordinary” Ebola to bring it to fruition because some so called “Christians” are now avoiding Church gatherings and others, bodily contacts when there, all in the name of precautions. Wonder if this same people will stop shaking hands on business deals or totally avoid their place of work due to “precautions”.

The End is here. “Ebola” is small compared to what the devil has in stock for humankind. It is high time you and I get our priorities right in Christ because in Him the battle is already won, in Him there is succor, in Christ you are free from all the WOES and GREAT tribulations (even worse than all these) that is to come.

So if you are not yet in Christ, accept Him now. If you’ve accepted Him and you’re still going on rendezvous with the devil via open or secret sin, remember; you can’t have two masters in a boat. Jesus is not the kind of guy you can cheat on.

Amend your ways now before the GRACE period finally elapse.



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