The Fig Tree.

Good Day Friends. As You move forward in this week, ponder on the “fig tree” ~ Matthew 21:19. Then truthfully ask yourself (and answer) this question ~ AM I A “FIG TREE”? (remember Luke 21:17-20 and be encouraged).
[The “Fruit” bearing can also be likened to bringing in more souls into God’s Kingdom. When A Seed grows to become a tree and bears fruits, it is simply multiplying itself. Thus, we(as branches getting our nutrients from the tree ~ Jesus) bring forth fruits via evangelism.]

The Branch that doesn’t bear fruit(multiply by bringing in more souls) will be cut off. It’s not all about praying not to be “cut off”, you know what to do to avoid that ~  Start multiplying so as not to be cut off.

P.S; Please don’t share the same fate with the fig tree because if Jesus comes now and finds you “fruitless” just like the fig tree, you’ll have automatically placed yourself under the curse of fruitlessness (no repentance in the grave) and so be thrown into the waste bin to be burned(hell) later. Even we Humans burn wastes, how much more our Creator. Make yourself useful now(via total obedience to JESUS, being fruitful) so as not to be categorized (by GOD) as a “waste”.




“Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from thy face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that every one that findeth me shall slay me.”

Thank You, Holy Spirit.

I was meditating on this verse of the scripture, praying for a divine insight into the unseen and I got one via The Holy Spirit. (Take a time out to thank Him too after going through this eye opener)

The word “and it shall come to pass” in that verse just jumped out at me while meditating on it and then…..voila! It all became clear→ Cain, in that verse, was only “forecasting” his future, knowing fully well that by then, His Parents would have fulfilled the Gen 1:28 command → “…..multiply..” and there would be enough “everyone” who having heard of his evil deeds, sought him out to kill.

I’m sure you’ll be asking now just like I did, “what then happened in Gen 4:17,19?”,  Where did the wives come from?

Well, The Spirit ministered to me on that, answering the question. The “wives” came from the Gen 2:21-22 processing (I’m guessing the then anointed writers of the scripture didn’t want to start describing the CREATION details all over again while writing about Cain, etc, because they believed the now “readers” will be wise enough to decipher that; with the help of the Holy Spirit of course).

The “woman” creation process continued till Gen 6:1-2 when men began multiplying and their “daughters” along and there was enough “wives” to go round, so much so, even the “sons of God” started taking some for themselves, I assume.

P.S; I’m sure we all know now that the “man and young man” Lamech slew in Gen 4:23 were his kin, (which is why he was asking for seventy and sevenfold {for 2 lives} if Cain could get sevenfold for a life {Abel’s})


Why have you forsaken me?

When the choice is between legitimate pleasures of this life and intimacy with God, there is no choice.

We’ll rather have Him and nothing else than everything thing without Him.

Pleasure at the expense of His delight in us would be no pleasure at all. It is the pain we cannot afford to bear.

The day His face wasn’t facing this direction, no lamp on earth could cast a glow enough to break the darkness.

Eli Eli Lama Sabactani rewritten.

Our God, Our God will not forsake us.

But when we choose pleasures (even when legitimate) over Him, we are the ones forsaking God.

We are the ones turning away.

And then He cries from the cross we renail Him to: My child, my child why have you forsaken me?

Do you hear him?

Do you see what you’ve done?

You took Him again and put him on the cross. And you’re not even noticing because you’ve turned away.

This is when you make a choice where there is no choice.


– Ayomide Akinkugbe.


What is your name?…

“What is your name?

My name is legion . . . For we are many”

Whether or not we believe in the reality of demons, a truthful response to the question for many of us would be, “My name is Legion . . . for we are many.” Many voices, many activities, many interests, many influences.

I find it interesting that it wasn’t the sight of a tormented man injuring himself with stones that frightened the Gerasene people. Just as in our day, they had become accustomed to all the noise and violence. It wasn’t even the spectacle of two thousand hogs running headlong into the Sea of Galilee. No, it wasn’t all the uproar that caught everyone’s attention; it was seeing the former demoniac sitting next to Jesus, clothed and in his right mind, that struck fear in their hearts (Mark 5:15).

In a world where self-destructive behavior has become commonplace, the most frightening scenario may not be a global apocalypse. Perhaps the most startling thing to see is someone whom we have come to expect to be as fragmented, fractured, and self-destructive as we are, transformed into the epitome of sanity, peace, and purpose.

We’re afraid, not because we would rather see the demonized man continue to harm himself—we’re terrified because his transformation raises for us new possibilities for what it means to be human.

. . .

In a world beleaguered by famine, violence, war, and death, it is far more shocking to see other people who were once as haunted as we are no longer playing by the old rules.

– Jonathan Martin.