Why have you forsaken me?

When the choice is between legitimate pleasures of this life and intimacy with God, there is no choice.

We’ll rather have Him and nothing else than everything thing without Him.

Pleasure at the expense of His delight in us would be no pleasure at all. It is the pain we cannot afford to bear.

The day His face wasn’t facing this direction, no lamp on earth could cast a glow enough to break the darkness.

Eli Eli Lama Sabactani rewritten.

Our God, Our God will not forsake us.

But when we choose pleasures (even when legitimate) over Him, we are the ones forsaking God.

We are the ones turning away.

And then He cries from the cross we renail Him to: My child, my child why have you forsaken me?

Do you hear him?

Do you see what you’ve done?

You took Him again and put him on the cross. And you’re not even noticing because you’ve turned away.

This is when you make a choice where there is no choice.


– Ayomide Akinkugbe.



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