The Fig Tree.

Good Day Friends. As You move forward in this week, ponder on the “fig tree” ~ Matthew 21:19. Then truthfully ask yourself (and answer) this question ~ AM I A “FIG TREE”? (remember Luke 21:17-20 and be encouraged).
[The “Fruit” bearing can also be likened to bringing in more souls into God’s Kingdom. When A Seed grows to become a tree and bears fruits, it is simply multiplying itself. Thus, we(as branches getting our nutrients from the tree ~ Jesus) bring forth fruits via evangelism.]

The Branch that doesn’t bear fruit(multiply by bringing in more souls) will be cut off. It’s not all about praying not to be “cut off”, you know what to do to avoid that ~  Start multiplying so as not to be cut off.

P.S; Please don’t share the same fate with the fig tree because if Jesus comes now and finds you “fruitless” just like the fig tree, you’ll have automatically placed yourself under the curse of fruitlessness (no repentance in the grave) and so be thrown into the waste bin to be burned(hell) later. Even we Humans burn wastes, how much more our Creator. Make yourself useful now(via total obedience to JESUS, being fruitful) so as not to be categorized (by GOD) as a “waste”.



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