Pleasing GOD.

You know, I always have this reasoning that if according to the Book of Genesis, we were created in God’s image and “likeness”, then we, as the “creation” must likely emit some characteristics of our Creator.

Humans create robots, right? For example, when the robot created to help children cross a busy express road starts pushing the children towards every coming vehicle, killing them, we say it is malfunctioning, right?… Doing the opposite of what it was created for.

What do you do when all the accessories and gadgets you bought to help ease your workload at the office or home starts doing otherwise; creating more harm than good? You dispose it, right?

Now, this is where I am going… those gadgets, robots, accessories were created for the sole purpose of PLEASING you and I. GOD created you and I for the purpose of PLEASING Him via fellowship and He gave us (humans) so much power (of thoughts and decision-making) than even the angels He created before us, of which so many have come to misuse that power just as the devil misused his and was cast out of GOD’s presence.

When something you create stops fulfilling the purpose for which it was created, you discard it. #food for thought#

But GOD is not man. He is LOVE personified. So, instead of discarding you, He is RECYCLING you through Jesus Christ (the atonement for our sins) who came down to ease the recycling process. Repent now (and begin to function properly), accepting you want to be “recycled”, OR deny Him and be discarded (thrown in HELL). The choice is yours.



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