Salvation (What you don’t know…)

Thank You Holy Spirit.

Gen 3:1-7

Satan took on the form of an animal(beast)-serpent (Gen 3:1) when tempting the first man and one of the things he did was bring him(her) down to that level(of an animal) when they fell for his lies.
That “animal” spirit is still at work in unrepentant lives now, e.g: gayism, lesbianism, incest, murder, fornication, etc.

Satan’s aim was to rubbish the creation in the eyes of the Creator so that He repents of creating them and destroys them all [guess he hated sharing the love of The Creator with some other beings]……. and he almost succeeded in his evil machinations(Gen 6:5-7), only that he underestimated the love of the Creator for His creations. Genesis 6:8

“Adam and Eve” were in the spirit and worked/interacted accordingly before their downfall which is why they didn’t take cognisance of their naked state initially. They got bothered about it after they came out of their “spiritual cocoon”(their cover) into the open – flesh(becoming “naked” – unprotected).

While in the spirit, they had no bother for the flesh(body), their utmost priority was their “inner man” but when the serpent(satan) came and succeeded in killing their “spirit” mode, (severing their “link” to fellowship with GOD) turning them fully into the flesh mode, their utmost priority switched from their inner man to their “outer man”(flesh), they began to have more bother for their flesh(Gen 3:7) than for their spirit; noting they were naked and had to cover up.

That “link” which got severed is what Jesus Christ came to fix back and He succeeded at fixing it back (…cost Him His life blood though,  which He gladly gave over so we can be redeemed back to GOD) Matt 27:51 ~ Hebrews 10:19-21.

Note: Don’t give Satan power again to rubbish you and make you feel unworthy. You can overcome that temptation and trial which is only for a while. 1 Corinthians 10:13

Prayer point for a month; Thank You Jesus Christ for the salvation of my soul.
GOD, please I need Your Holy Spirit to come comfort, guide, and teach me. Luke 11:9-13



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