Spiritual gifts; Not a proof of Spiritual Maturity.

Spiritual gift is not a proof of spiritual maturity.

1. Wisdom; Solomon was wise yet he married many wives and they turned his heart to idolatry.
I believe being ‘worldly-wise’ is different from the ‘fear of GOD’ which is the beginning of the Wisdom of GOD.

2. Knowledge; Knowing the truth doesn’t automatically translate to doing the truth- James 1:22; Romans 2:13.

3. Faith; Though I have faith to move mountains and don’t have charity, it profits me nothing.

4. Healing; Peter could perform miracle of healing, yet he allowed himself to be influenced into error.

5. Miracle worker; It is possible to be a miracle worker, and be idolatrous,(allowing people put you on pedestals, and receiving the honour due only to GOD).
Even demons, Satan, and the antichrist can do miracles.

6. Prophecy; It is possible to have the gift of prophecy, and still be covetous for money. The prophet Balaam was a genuine prophet, but he would curse the people of GOD because of love of money.

7. Discernment; After you’ve decipher truth from lies, you still need the strength of character to follow through.
8. Tongues; New converts have been known to speak in tongues. It is possible to speak in tongues of men and of angels, and yet be carnal.
And there are tongues of demons too.

9. Interpretation of tongues; This is a gift that is rare in the churches which begs for how authentic is the tongues we’re speaking.

10. It is possible to be a genuine giver, and still be a liar and a fornicator.

Sometimes GOD uses what is available, e.g; A donkey that speaks, a raven that brings food, or a stone that praises GOD.

This doesn’t mean these creatures are Spiritually matured.

Spiritual maturity comes from sacrificing our bodies and minds as a living sacrifice unto GOD, by not being conformed to the wisdom of this age/world.
It is the fruits which flows from knowing, and living this Truth that shows how mature we are.
A mature Christian is; loving, joyful, peaceful, forbearing, kind, good, obedient, faithful, gentle, and have self-control.e.t.c, Such characters against which, there is no law.

‪#‎The‬ Christian Agenda

~ Kenny K’ore.


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