Manifestation of The Holy Spirit

Many of us do not see the manifestation of the Spirit in our lives because we have refused to leave the zone of easy things, where we actually don’t need the Holy Spirit in.

We daily choose conversations, situations and circumstances that we can handle with our brains, wisdom, experience and past knowledge.

I am not advocating for unnecessary highs and borderline stupid spiritual experiments. But I believe Jesus summons us daily in our seemingly ordinary lives to a higher place in our relationships, our abilities, our love, our ministering, and our understanding. Somewhere beyond our natural clinging and temperament. And it’s a two way street choice we also have to make.

Let’s remember dear friends; no mountain to climb, no supernatural strength needed.

Let’s imbibe in our children and the generations in our loin and womb to embrace ‘hard’ things.

But oops! It starts with us.

~ Ayomide Akinkugbe


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