So the Bible says, faith is believing to see.
But we’re being programmed nonstop that “seeing is believing” -Theory of Quantum.

If I tell you I’m rich, you won’t believe me except I show you a very expensive car that I own, or something expensively material that belongs to me.
Well, what if I’m rich, but like Jesus, I don’t have a property to my name?,
You’ll be a Christian, but you’ll mock me, and say, “K’ore, you’re mad!”.

According to the Bible, you would be wrong, but you won’t know it because you simply cannot see anything you’re not EXPECTING to see.

And because societies expectations are designed for us by the elites, you have been programmed to call faith madness, yet, you’re still cool with calling yourself a Christian.

It’s the duplicity/multiplicity that leads to ambiguity, which keeps us engaged with truths, without ever coming to the knowledge of the truth.

A spiritual person does not need material things to be fulfilled.
A spiritual person is fulfilled when they win, and when they lose.

Think about it; we use money to purchase well-being, I have well-being without money, what does that make me?, RICH of course, but you’ve been programmed, so you won’t see it.
Heck, even I don’t see it sometimes, because of the programming.

We’ve got to get away from our gigantic schemes and return to much simpler way of living.
The machines that runs those exotic places, cars, phones etc is destroying us also.

We can’t live simply anymore means; we can’t be like Jesus Christ anymore.

#Until We Come To The Unity Of Faith

~ Kenny K’ore

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