Being Blessed.

Imagine Jacob come home to his family after having an encounter with GOD, limping.
His children asks him, “Daddy what’s wrong with your leg, why are you limping?.  ” He replies, “My dears, your daddy has been blessed!!! ”

We need to RE-EDUCATE the church on what it means to be BLESSED.

Did you see Peter come out of prison rejoicing?, I did too.
But he wasn’t rejoicing because they let him out; His joy was because he was counted worthy to suffer for Christ. He thought that was a blessing.

Esau wasn’t mad with his brother because Jacob got the board of directors to make him C.E.O of their dad’s multinational, or because he sold the palatial houses and kept the money for himself, or because all the exotic cars went to him too;
No, Esau was mad because Jacob took ‘the blessing’ – Something so intangible, it was worth EVERYTHING.

Esau kept all of Isaac’s wealth, and remember, Isaac’s wealth was old money coming from the father of faith himself ~ Abraham.
When Jacob returned from Laban, didn’t scripture say he met an Esau who had become a great man?, despite not having the blessing?

People don’t necessarily need GOD or HIS Blessing to have wealth.
Many people have left Christianity and the church to make successes out of their lives, whereas many have stayed in the Church and became wretched like poor Lazarus.

My point is that although the blessing may make someone rich,
The blessing is not money.

#Until We Come To The Unity Of Faith

~ Kenny K’ore



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