• Everyone claims to be a Child of God; only GOD knows who His Child is.

• No matter what the economy says; the wages of sin is still death.

• There is a difference between growing old and growing up. Several people grow old but don’t grow up (even in their Christian life)

• Failure to meet God’s standard will pitch us against Him.

• Don’t abide by the economy of this world; abide by that of Heaven (no matter the economy of the forest, Lions won’t eat grass)

• A day of favor is better than a year of labour.

• Under Hard work; 30 days makes 1 pay but under Grace work; 30 pays is made in 1 day.

• Don’t celebrate the gifts more than the giver (as pertaining to miracles)

• If you can’t offer a Pilot on duty alcohol, then don’t bother offering it to a CHRISTian; we’re always on duty.

• Don’t bring GOD down, instead, go up to where GOD is and you will rise above principalities and powers.

• Two types of faith;
Demon faith: Believing without obeying. James 2:19
Divine Faith: Believing and obeying. John 8:31

• Disobedience robs us of divine inheritance.

• Our obedience must be total so that our generations to come don’t suffer the consequences.

• GOD thinks in terms of potentials but operates by principles.

• The love of GOD takes a man away from sin. The love of sin takes a man away from GOD.

[Excerpts from Pst. Abioye Olaolu’s teachings]


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