– The stage is behind set for the emergence of the anti-Christ
– The world is becoming more and more rebellious to God
– The church is becoming more lukewarm through worldliness
– As a result of the above, the rebellion in the world is creeping into the church
– Many believers are rejecting sound doctrines and opting for fables
– According to biblical prophecies, these trends will only get worse and worse…

Child of God, these are not days we can afford to be passive in the Christian faith!

Those that do not ACTIVELY rebel against the system, including the worldly church system, will be swept away by the evil tide that is energising the system.

THE TRUTH is the ONLY defence in these days. Pls love THE TRUTH. And obey THE TRUTH. With ALL your heart.

‘WATCH and PRAY’ is NOT an advice! It is an imperative for survival in these days. Please give heed to the words of Jesus Christ.

The time is getting shorter and shorter.





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