One day, some of us would feel sorry that we never allowed as much trials in our lives as we needed.

You don’t compare yourself to a sprinter, when you’re running a marathon. But that’s what the materialistic teachers are making us do.

The Israelites LUSTED after food and pleasures in the wilderness, GOD granted them their lustful desires, but also sent LEANNESS to their SOULS.

There were lustful operations and defilement within their souls, which GOD wanted them to deal with, but the Israelites would not.
So, they gained their heart desires, but could not SAVE their SOULS from lust and gluttony. Psalm 106:15

The degree to which our SOULS are getting SAVED from the world’s systems, and sin nature, to that degree can it be said that we are INHERITING our SOULS, And Are WEALTHY.

But this perverse generation, addicted to pleasures, following after willful ambition, neglecting willing submission to GOD’s design, would never know the blessings of trials, and the weight of Glory’s attached to each obstacles we’ve delivered ourselves from.

Now there is LEANNESS in our souls, and if we don’t repent, it’ll lead us where we don’t want to go.
-From fellowship with Bro Kenny ITAK

#Until We Come To The Unity Of Faith

~ Kenny K’ore


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