The Seven Seals. (Revelations 6)

As you know, the book of Revelations is about Prophecy : predicting the future which is really a tough job, but I pray the Holy Spirit can help me make this clear. In Revelation we have 7 seals (Rev6), 7 trumphet judgments (Rev8-10) and 7bowls or vial judgments (Rev16). Seals are on earth, Trumpets are… Continue reading The Seven Seals. (Revelations 6)

Getting personal with GOD…. (True life story of a Believer)

"A man who asks questions will not miss his way." - A Nigerian proverb. "If you're a Christian, and you've not yet gotten to a place where nothing makes sense anymore and you question what you believe or have been taught to believe, then your journey of faith hasn't begun." -Eketi Ette.  * * I… Continue reading Getting personal with GOD…. (True life story of a Believer)

Intricacies of Holiness

"Holiness is not to be without weakness! Otherwise, NO ONE can ever be HOLY! HOLINESS SIMPLY MEANS TO BE SEPARATED! In ignorance, teachers over the years, painted HOLINESS to become some "mission impossible" adventure to many of us! - Pastor Afolabi Dollar. We struggled in ourselves to be perfect, when we couldn't, we became frustrated.… Continue reading Intricacies of Holiness


Thank You HolySpirit! Matt.10:33- Your works show off either your acceptance or denial of Christ. John 3:5 "Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God." Luke 18:10-14 I can relate the verse of this scripture to… Continue reading FAITH AND WORKS.

Be like Esther!

I saw a cartoon adaptation of the story of Esther, (the church), where several of the other virgins helped themselves to the choicest of the kings treasure because they've been told that whatever they desire, they can keep. One virgin loaded herself so much, it took several able men to place her on a horse,… Continue reading Be like Esther!