Be like Esther!

I saw a cartoon adaptation of the story of Esther, (the church), where several of the other virgins helped themselves to the choicest of the kings treasure because they’ve been told that whatever they desire, they can keep.

One virgin loaded herself so much, it took several able men to place her on a horse, and the horse collapsed because of the weight.

Meanwhile, Esther had found favour with the Custodian of the virgins (the Holy Spirit), and was prepared SIMPLY to please the king, (Jesus the Christ).

The things the other virgins were lobbying for, she gave it up.
They got money.
Esther got the extra oil; She found mercy and favour with the Holy Spirit.

If you’re enjoying because of a compromise, what you lost is more than what you gained, you just don’t know it yet, and that’s the curse, not knowing.

GOD said, “my people perish for lack of knowledge.”

In the churches today, a lot of Christian leaders are like Queen Vashti, too preoccupied with their own programs to honour the call of the King.
And just like Vashti was replaced, their crown shall be given to another.

Many so called Christians are like the other virgins, who according to the cartoon adaptation, are busy loading themselves up with treasures, distracted from the PURPOSE, which is the King Himself.
He is our exceeding great Reward.

Few are like Esther, who with the help of the Custodian, are being prepared ONLY to please the King.
They shall receive the crown of glory, and reign with the King of kings for all eternity. MARANATHA

#Until We Come To The Unity Of Faith



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