“He looked up and said, “I see people that look like trees, walking””-Mark8:24 ;

This part is very interesting. The blind man didn’t just say he saw people like trees, which would have made sense to me that he had a blurred vision but beyond what we term a blurred vision, he said he saw PEOPLE like TREES, WALKING; hey! Trees WALKING!
The vision Christ showed this blind man was not literal trees; it was a spiritual vision; God gave him an understanding of having a spiritual sight before he gave him the physical; the vision showed him that the entire MANkind are seen by Heaven as WALKING TREES that must produce good FRUIT; any walking tree that don’t bear fruit will therefore be cut off!
As walking trees in the church, it is by our FRUITS that we are known, not by our expensive SUITS as men! Without this spiritual understanding of sight, there is no way his blindness even in the physical can be cured! …
Receive thy sight O Church!
#The Incredible Blindness
#The Voice Crying In The Wilderness
– Pastor Afolabi Dollars

The Church should be seeing more into the spiritual.
Our worth should be sourced from the spiritual.
We should not see as the world sees.
Our values should transcend the values of the world.

Until We Come To The Unity Of Faith

~Kenny K’ore


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