Let’s make them Party!!!

The atmosphere was charged with joy and celebration. 

Ecstasy and Excitement filled the air as angels flapped their wings and danced. 

The 24 Elders twisted and turned in style as the music began to roll. 

The Almighty Father seated on the throne began to smile and tap his feet and to the amazement of everyone the Son of God who was commanded to sit at the Father’s right hand until all his enemies are made his footstool asked the Father’s permission to stand up and dance…. Why? 

Heaven was having a Party because sinners who were condemned to hell had their names being written in the Book of Life. 

All of a sudden, the tempo of the music dropped and the dancing began to cease… the Son of God sat down and the 24 Elders resumed their duties of falling down to worship the Father. 

Angels stood at attention waiting for the next line of command from the throne as the party seemed to have come to an end. 

I expected the Father would be thrilled by the resumption of worship given to him by the 24 Elders and the attention of the angels waiting for his command but to my greatest amazement the Father rose up and said “Tell the Saints to step up the level of joy and the volume of the music in Heaven” 

The thought then occurred to me that the Father wanted the party in heaven to continue. 

This could only be achieved as the Gospel of Christ is proclaimed by the Saints of God on Earth. 

Have you enjoyed the Grace of God upon your life? 

Have you experienced his salvation, protection, provision and promotion? 

Why not share your testimony with people around you? 

Everyone close to you and around you needs to hear about Jesus from your mouth. 

Make a conscious decision this moment to increase Heavens joy. 

You can do it by the power of the Holy Spirit working in and with you. 

Remember that Heaven derives more joy over a SINNER who REPENTS than a SAINT who needs no repentance. 

His Grace is sufficient for you. 

As you go, Harvest souls for the House of God and be rest assured you will reap a Harvest for your House. 

Grace and Truth to you!


~ Akhidime Ehigbai


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