The antiChrist

Thank you Holy Spirit.

“Work out your salvation with fear and trembling and do not continue in sin, frustrating the grace of God. Don’t be indulging in any of the Gal 5:19-21 lists, guard your heart with all diligence, etc”….

….are all messages that convicts one of the shortcomings in one’s life which makes one want to shed off the weight (sin) that might pull one down when others are floating up to meet Christ during rapture.
You don’t need to work because Christ has finished the work already on the Cross.
Sin does not take you to hell, not accepting Christ does.
The grace of God has covered all your sins – both the ones you’ve committed and the ones you’re still thinking of committing.
Believing you still have to work out anything as against His grace is being prideful, etc”…….

…..are all messages that makes one feel good in one’s shortcomings because it doesn’t convict, so you keep adding more to the weights (sin) already weighing you down and alas! The trumpet blows and while others are floating up, weightless, to meet Christ, your accumulated weights which has become so heavy are holding you down.

I can then conclude that these messages are those of the antiChrist.
Note; The antiChrist will use the sword given to you as a believer to destroy you if you don’t learn to master the use of that sword. Hosea 4:6

A sword in the hands of an unskilled child is useless (Now you know why you need to grow and start chewing meat and breaking bones instead of enjoying milk as babes all your life. Hebrews 5:12-13)

And we’re already living in the times when the “very elect” would be deceived if possible. Mark 13:20
Thank God it won’t be for too long.

Who would be doing this deceiving??
I tell you they’re the ones closest to you, could even be that mentor you look up to. These antiChrist’s cohorts preach a twisted version of the gospel.

It is only The TEACHER that can save you and I from the snares of these fowlers.

The TEACHER will teach you the correct and proper version of The Word, enriching you with a discerning spirit so that you can know automatically, when you hear a counterfeit version of The Word.

The TEACHER is The HOLY SPIRIT. John 14:26


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