Accepting Christ. 

You accept Christ as opposed to accepting Satan. There’s no middle ground here, it’s either one or the other. 

Being aware of the rudiments of accepting Satan gives a much better understanding of the magnanimity/total importance of accepting Christ (Who is most powerful).

Listed below are what happens to you when you accept Christ as Lord;

☆When you genuinely accept Christ, there’s a covenant sealed between you both by His blood in the spirit.

☆You consume a very special brand of blood and flesh (John 1:1 ~ John 6:44) which empowers and heightens you spiritually/physically as opposed to the physical blood and flesh consumed by satan’s followers. 

☆The more you consume this special blood and flesh~ THE WORD, the more powerful you become.

The Holy Spirit (who is greater than satan and all his legions put together) enters into you as opposed to legions (of demon) released into Satan’s convert.

☆You are called “Christian”. They (satan’s converts and followers) are called “witches and wizard”.

☆We (Christ followers) run a family. They run a cult. 

To make Christ your Lord please say the words below;

Jesus Christ, I come to you today to accept you as my Lord and personal savior, surrendering my body, soul, mind, and spirit because I now know that lying, stealing, fornicating, killing, keeping malice, wizardry, witchcraft, adultery, (add more confessions if you have), are not the path to eternal life. 

Jesus Christ, please, in your infinite mercies, forgive me and accept me into your Kingdom today, helping me to grow stronger in You as I begin this journey.

Thank You Jesus Christ. Amen.

Welcome into the fold brethren.

Remember; Always ensure to consume His blood and flesh(The Word) so as to get more empowered.


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