​We are living on the pages of the Bible prophecy that assures us of a time when young people would operate the ministry gift without care for ecclesiastical titles.-Acts 2:17.
Without pulpits, young people are preaching.

Your own sisters are prophesying, and at their decree, things are happening.
They are pastoring without owning church buildings.

Discipling the world UNTO JESUS, not to themselves, or a denomination.
Their mandate is not to be the next  Rock star, Superstar, or Celebrity. 

GOD forbid that they are your next top rated Idol.
The Church is becoming a community of people who influences each other, and the Person known as Jesus Christ is the centre; the focal point of attention, the only High Priest.
This is the time all creation has been waiting for; the time of the manifestations of the sons and daughters of GOD.

They go to the fartherest, and deepest parts of darkness, and TURN THEIR LIGHTS UP.
Note: Just as the Pharisees and saducees (the institutions) resisted Jesus, so are great elements within the religious institutions fighting this prophetic move of GOD because of their vested interest in the statuesque.
So we must be resolute to keep fighting the good fight of faith in LOVE.

” Whoever tries to keep their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life (for the sake of the gospel) will preserve it.”-Luke 17:33
Until We Come To The Unity Of Faith 


~ Kenny K’ore. 

Have a Fruitful New Year!!! Shalom!