There was a warning given that thieves were on the rampage in your area.

It was aired on T.V for a while and even radio stations carried it.
On this certain night, you heard a knock on your front door. You didn’t want to open but decided to check the peep hole….

….You saw a man in tattered clothes looking so unfed. 

Would you open the door???





..the inspiration to write that came after a discussion with some sisters who were cursing a guy for breaking up with a lady he’s been “dating” for close to 12 years.
Luke  16:8b  “…. for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.”
As we’ve all rightly noted, wisdom is key!
After so many preachings on the Altar of GOD, on T.V, and on Air….., brother A and Sister B will now come and be telling you to loosen up, they can’t do without you, etc 
You’ll now fall (committing fornication, adultery, etc) on the excuse of emotion; love, pity, lust, etc, *opening the door* and thereafter be laying blame on the “thief” you willingly opened the door to after so much warning. 

Same way some people will open the door to the “thief” to come into their life and after being caught in the sinful act, you’ll be hearing them say “it’s the work of the devil”.

Who allowed him in, in the first place? 

*Even David never knew he committed a grievious error until Nathan was sent to narrate his story to him. 2 Samuel 12:1-13*
Now you know. Repent!!!



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