# It is not what you earn today that secures your future; it is what you learn.

# Diligence is knowing what to do and doing it well.

It is by the diligence of one man that the earth wasn’t wiped out ~ Noah. Gen 6&7
# How knowledgeable you are determines how relevant you’ll be.
# To acquire knowledge, you need to learn something new everyday.


*Unlearn* the things that will not add value to you and *relearn* the things that will add value.
#Praying doesn’t necessarily change the situation but its answer helps you see the situation on a whole new level and thus empowers you to scale through it.
# You need to go beyond the normal to achieve the extraordinary. 
Being born as a sinner is not your fault but if you die as a sinner, it is your fault.

The anointing you do not honor cannot work for you. 

In other words, stop hindering the answers to your prayers by fighting the same GOD you’re praying to.

~ precepts from sermon.

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